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Typical Northsider

Kolsch - ABV 4.3%

This easy drinking beer is a nod to the blue collar, hard workers of Watertown. The name was inspired by the northsiders – where Nancy grew up. After a long day of work, all you want is a cold beer and this German-style beer is perfect for that. It’s clean, crisp, and crushable


Pumpkin Ale - ABV 5.8%

Pouring burnt orange this fall seasonal beer is a blend of styles – a dark wheat pumpkin beer and a dunkel. Boasting flavors of malt, spice, and pumpkin in a very drinkable combination

Fruit Stand on Bellew (Grapefruit)

Fruited Wheat Beer - ABV 5.5%

The name of this beer was inspired by two great fruit stands that used to exist in our town. If you wanted fresh fruit and vegetables, you went to Bellew Ave, right in the flats, to Rocco’s and Derrigo’s. Our rotating fruit beer starts with a wheat malt base, and hops that complement the fruit. This time around, we used fresh hand squeezed grapefruit juice and also utilized the rind. Not overly sweet, and not too dry

Weisse Grips (Blood Orange)

Berliner Weisse - ABV 4.2%

This is our rotating Berliner Weisse. We change up our fruits depending on the season. This time around, we chose to use blood oranges. Subtle tartness, with a hint of raspberry on the nose and the palate. Refreshing, light, easy drinking

Ancho Mama’s Mole

Stout/Chili Beer - 6%

American Stout brewed with Ancho, Serrano, and Habanero peppers. We also used Ecuadorian Cocoa nibs and Hershey syrup to give this beer the sweetness it needs. Deep, dark, and balanced, with the right amount of spice!

Black River Porter

Imperial Porter - ABV 9%

Full of fun roasted malts; dark and dangerous – This easy drinking porter has chocolate notes and a soft hint of cherry to the nose. Gracefully aged for 6 months, rounding out with almond notes

Aunt Rosemary’s Stout

Stout - 4.8%

Jet black with a frothy tan head. Dominated by coffee and chocolate flavors, dry and creamy. This beer pays homage to Rosemary Stout

SLS Kentucky Son Black River Porter

Imperial Porter - 10%

This is our Black River Porter aged in St. Lawrence Spirits Kentucky Son Bourbon Barrel for 6 months. Soft whiskey notes keep you coming back for more in this deep imperial porter

American Corner

Pale Ale - ABV 6%

Our flagship Pale Ale – easy drinking but brewed with an aggressive hop bill.  We consider this our “kitchen sink” pale ale; We change the early hop additions every time but we always give the final dry hop with Citra and Mosaic.  It has a light body with a balanced bitterness.  Citrus and tropical fruit dominate with a subtle pine complement. The name of this beer comes from the corner on the square, where Washington St. meets Arsenal. This little area used to be called the “American Corner.” Fun fact: This is also where the old Woolworth store was, which originated here in Watertown!

Dank the Tank

IPA - 6.5%

This beer is simply that – DANK! Heavily dry hopped with Citra, Comet, and Summit.  It has an herbal, dank profile that is complemented with subtle tropical fruit and finishes with a nice, smooth bitterness

(Sunset3) – 2668

Triple IPA - ABV 10%

A triple IPA brewed in honor of our one year anniversary. This triple is incredibly smooth for its strength and very easy to palate. Fermented with Kveik yeast, and a hop blend of Summit, Amarillo, Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic

One comment on “Our Beer

  1. Hi GCBW!

    I’m working on a project with Cornell Cooperative Extension and would love to talk with someone at your brewery. In particular we are exploring the possibility of developing local malt production, using grains from the area and ideally supplying local brewers/distillers. Part of the idea comes from Valley Malt in Massachusetts, a micro-maltery that got started in part to serve craft brewers in New England. This is all very preliminary, gathering information and making connections, but I’d love to talk with your brewing staff to learn more about your process and if local grains could be part of it. Someone (I think it was Andy?) shared Troy’s cell number with me and I left a message a couple days ago. There’s no rush but I’m hoping to talk with as many local brewers as possible this winter so let me know if there’s a time you could meet up. Thanks and feel free to call or text my cell phone: (406) 830-4201.

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